From high quality to top of mind

The start of every successful brand is high quality. But to reach the goal of being the most favorite choice in consumer’s mind, a brand also needs to look trustful and desirable.

That’s what we at Katko Creative set out to accomplish. From insightful strategy to powerful design, we create images that reflect brand’s values and quality, win consumer’s heart, and gain the market share for our clients.

We have gained experience working for a wide array of clients in a board range of markets and expertise. We are branding fast moving consumer goods and creating identity for corporations and institutions. From structural product design to creating-com munities and from store design to brand architecture. One of our most useful advantages is being able to offer all these different disciplines under one roof.

We work with many of the world’s leading brands including: Unilever, Samsung, Heineken, Fonterra, Epikurian. We also work with national brands like Sacombank, Vietcombank, Vinamilk, Nhabe Garment Corporation, Highland Coffee. With entreprenerial brands like Gala Royal, Villa Aria, NNB...we apply the learning from the big brands to help start-ups make it big, and infuse the work we do for global giants with the entrepreneurial spirit.

We design iconic visual identities and packaging for consumer brands. We constantly strive to deliver not only world-class strategic design, but also world-class project management. Our team work together through a unique collaborative process, during which strategy and design become clearer, simpler and richer in meaning. 


3 no go areas

We say yes to most creative opportunities, but there are three principles that have never changed:
No free pitching. No free exclusivity. No unethical work.


Effective work
Design thinking creates positive change and makes a big impact. When it comes to combining creative and commercial success stories we’re one of the best. Great design is an investment in your future and we’ve got both the proof and track record to create it.

Want more?
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