DIVE VIVA restaurant

Passion and true talents propelled Vinh, a protégé of Michellin-star celebrity chef Janni Kyritsis, to the Head Chef position in just five years. After 15 years in the industry Head Chef Vinh has finally made his dream come true, Dine Viva, a beautiful and elegant restaurant worthy of his gorgeous daughter’s namesake. Meet Vinh at Dine Viva for extraordinary French and Italian gastronomic experience or if you’re really lucky he will create special-for-you-only dishes like those he used to create for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.


Brand Naming

Brand Icon design

Brand Identity design


We use the four letters of the chef’s gourgeous daughter’s name: V-I-V-A as an icon.


The icon is quite a food critic with his eyes closes as if he’s deciding on a dishdish he just enjoyed, but he stuck his tongue out because he finally decided that the dish was so yummy.

Sticking tongue out is a sign for " Gimme more, please !". His face has a look of a very satisfied diner after a wonderful meal.